Nude foot stall

One bit of crate wood is going very far. And after buying a coffee sack from Nude coffee, London, I started to picture a little foot stool. The robust sack would be perfect for the hard slams of tired feet. I measure the legs just over 30cm and repeated this with the other left over bits of frame. The most important thing was sanding just enough not to effect the balance of the legs. Lots of measuring and gentle sanding I have the feet sorted.

Remember the saying: “Measure twice, cut once” 


My next step was to create a platform for the cushion to rest on.  I cut a little square off some MDF I was given from B&Q (after kindly asking if there was any offcuts) and I gently drilled holes using small nails as a guide for the large nails. Before drilling the large nails into place I used wood glue for extra support and hold. (I know it wasn’t the most ideal set up but I was being safe and had a spotter next to me. I am investing in a larger bench, rest assured.)


Almost there, as you can see it’s time to upholster the foam sponge. Bought from Dunelm a large piece is cost effective. I’ve spread it out and still have some left over. Back to the sack, I’ve reversed it with the foam on the actual stool so when I come to blanket stitch the corners it will be fitted when I reverse it onto the MDF and around the legs.


For my first blanket stitch it wasn’t too shabby. It could of done with some neater edges so I used the staple gun to tuck in the excess. For £5 worth of materials I’ve come away with a lovely stool. I like the branding centred and the rustic look. Hurrah for up-cycle.