Demijohn completed!

First things first, the process of the lampshade is poor in pictures. I was very engrossed in cutting the fabric precisely enough to line the pattern to the perimeter. Apologies!

The fabric I chose was from John Lewis and I will shorty upload a link, cost, name of the piece. I chose this piece of fabric as the demijohn is an old medicine bottle and I think the two marry well together for aesthetic purposes. (And I like it)

photo 4 (9)

I bought a lampshade kit online for a very good price. Again, I will upload all those details in a separate blog. This kit was pretty basic but covered exactly what I needed.


I measured the fabric at half a centimetre more as it requires you to tuck it into the lip of the plastic shade. A rotary cutter is great but scissors will do just as well.


Here’s the tool they provided to tuck the fabric into the edge. This was my favourite bit. It was oddly satisfying.


This is where the pictures in particular are non existent. Wiring up and trying to get fix the bulb was a little tricky so all effort was put into that. But here it is. I love that I can see the electric cable and I learnt to wire a plug! Although the cost was a little more I think it’s absolutely worth it as I’ve picked up new skills and I’ve learnt from old ones.