‘That Shit Crate’

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When life hands you a crate, you get crateful! (get it?)

I obviously played around with the crate for a little bit. I had enough wood to do a couple of things with. The texture of the wood can really give a great rural chic finish so it was time to get serious and build some storage.

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So a sketchy drawing later and I was already sawing.

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With all the parts ready to be assembled I was struggling to hold small nails with my big hands. I used a clothes peg to hold the nails in place. Using a ruler I made sure all the nails were at equal distance from the edge.

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Almost made a tool box at this point. It began taking shape and the size was great. The table isn’t too wide so I needed it to be high and long.

photo 1 (14)photo 5 (2)

Once all the parts were together I chamfered the corners to make a symmetrical sloping edge.

 (A cheeky Kinder break later) I was ready to paint it.

photo 3 (14)

For the white wash I used two parts water, one part paint. I only did a light coat as I wanted the wood to come through. I feel it’s more aesthetically pleasing but that’s just my taste. I then found copper nails. I wanted to use them to cover up silver nails I used to put it together. I had to (well my brother had to as I wasn’t strong enough) to clip the nail off so I was left with the head. I delicately hammered them in (again, my big hands didn’t make it easy.) After a light sand the grooves and the imperfections reappeared and it looked great.

photo (3)

And here we are. I use it every day so it’s become a handy accessory for the table. I’m really happy with the result. I have some great memories of that crate.