Wedding Board.

The Wedding Board.

When I make something for someone else I get a little nervous. There’s always that risk that they don’t like it. When I started this Board I was struggling with the approach. Stencils? Free hand? Both can be a valuable in their own ways, but for this it needed to be precise and neat. Sadly I don’t have any photos of the process but I’ll sum it up.

I printed out the lettering which was:

Come as you are

Stay as long as you like

We’re all family,

so no seating plan.

I have seen a few of these, it seems to be a popular message at weddings. One was painted on a crate which of course I thought was beautiful. I believe the wedding was outside so it was a nice touch.

Anyway, the board had minor imperfections so with a cream spray I applied on a couple of layers. This reduced the canvas look a lot. After measuring everything and aligning it correctly I had the position sorted. I took the letters I had printed out and using a cutting board and a needle I pin pricked small holes on the outline. It was tedious, but filling in the holes with a pencil onto the board was a lot of work too. But once that was done I had the outline and all I had to do was join them together.

The paint I was given wasn’t thick enough so I had to buy acrylic. Even then it took a couple of layers and a steady hand. Once that was dry I painted on a glitter glue for every first letter of the line. The thing is, it didn’t look finished. It felt a little bare.

Cue masking tape. I used this to paint a frame which I’m glad I did as it finished it off. I had a lot of fun doing this and I hope the Bride and Groom liked it too.

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